Importance of Product Photo Editing in eCommerce Websites

Importance of Product Photo Editing in eCommerce Websites

Before we start discussing the importance of eCommerce product photo editing in eCommerce websites, we need to know about eCommerce websites, and then we have to focus on the different photo editing tools that can be used for an eCommerce website. So what is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is an online platform where buyers and sellers can make their transactions through online payment modes. People can easily buy their goods according to their requirements from an eCommerce website. Earlier, people used to sell and promote their goods through phone calls and emails. Now from a single website, people can buy everything online. Apart from the products, people can also sell their services through an eCommerce website. 

Nowadays, people can easily design an eCommerce website with few plug-ins and they do not need to hire any professional web designing services for that. But are you sure that you can build a well-responsive website for your business?

Are your product images available on the website? Selling products and attracting potential customers through an eCommerce website is not very easy, and you need to go for professional product photo editing services in this regard. 

Why product photo editing is important for an eCommerce website?

Product photography is the most vital tool for selling your goods. According to a study, it has been proved that people remember 80% of what they see and they can remember only 20% of what they read. Even, the CEO of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann said that “The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords”.

Now there are few mobile apps available where you can match the products by their photos. You can snap a photo of cloth, furniture, or any product and search the same online, and you do not need to enter any keyword. 

Most importantly, people cannot take a trial of your virtual product, and you need to create a virtual trial room through product photo editing. You need to include some product photos which are clear and such images can increase your sales instantly. Through professional product photo editing services, you can make your products simple and eliminate unnecessary virtual elements.

You can use a solid background for your products such as white, blue, or gray, and you must remove all shadows by brighten the background of your products. But, do not edit your products photo too much and you must make them look like real. 

Do you know that according to a market survey it has been proved that 22% of online products are returned because they are not the same as they look online? Customers generally make their purchase and they go on with the payment after checking your product photos, and there is no physical mannequin available which will attract few more customers. So eCommerce product photo editing is the only possible way to increase your sales on an eCommerce website.  

Importance of product photos for search engine optimization 

As you know that without SEO or search engine optimization, you cannot establish a successful online business, especially an eCommerce website. There are ample numbers of SEO tools that can increase your website visibility.

Even, product photo editing can also increase your ranking online. After editing a product’s image, you need to give a proper name to it, and you must include Alt text on your images. Alt taxes can describe the images to the search engines and Google can easily rank them well. 

Apart from that, JPEG images are mostly used in the eCommerce websites, because they are smaller and they can load faster. Plus, they can provide a high-quality preview of your products to the customers. So the size, nature, and format of your product images are equally important, and professional product photo services can only deliver ready-to-publish photographs for your eCommerce website.

You must understand that buyers cannot touch your products from the virtual world, and they can only feel your products through their eyes. So 100% perfection on product images must be considered for an eCommerce website. 

#5 Reasons why product photo editing is importance for an eCommerce website

  1. Brand establishment: eCommerce websites focus on the style of product photo editing and they can use different tools to edit their photos. They can make some collections by changing the saturation of colours, cropping the images and changing the patterns of their product images. Through such photo editing services, you can build your brand online, and customers can easily recall your products whenever they find it online.
  2. Increase sales: as stated above that clear images can showcase your products properly and eCommerce product photo editing can increase your online sales. You can change the quality of your product images by using some editing tools and make them more read and attractive. So customers definitely get attracted toward your products and services, and it will boost your sales. 
  3. Marketing on social media: to sell your products online, you need to add your product images on your social media profiles. Professional product photo editing services can the visual cues on your products, and give a good start to your new business. You will get more response from your social media, which will increase your sales simultaneously.  
  4. Efficiency and reusability: product photo editing services will make your images more colourful, clear and error-free. Later, you can reuse such images for your brand promotion, and you can club such images and change their background make your business signs. Even, people can use same images for different eCommerce websites. 
  5. Customization: digital platforms are completely different than print media, and you cannot use the same images on different digital platforms. For example, you need to change the size and pattern of your product images for your social media and you can easily take help from a professional eCommerce product photo editing service in this regard. They will customize your images according to your needs, and you can use them to promote your brand or products. 

Moreover, eCommerce product photo editing can increase the rank of an eCommerce website to a great extent, and you will get best ROI from such services.  If you have any doubt then try a professional product photo editing service today and you will see the magic done to your sales within the next few days. You can also check out our services page like photo retouching services, clipping path service, Image background removal services, image masking, ghost mannequin, etc. 

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