How To Learn Digital Photo Editing

How To Learn Digital Photo Editing

How can you start to learn digital photo editing?

Learning digital photo editing can be started at home. As long as you have the passion and you are willing to enhance your skills, you can definitely go a long way. Photo editing may not necessarily be about taking pictures but improving the shots taken. On the other hand, it would be better to learn the basics of photography to be able to imagine different lighting angles and resolutions. There are photos that need little or no editing at all if the right outputs have been achieved. Conversely, modern technology allows many photographers to have their works beautified, through the help of editing tools and artists.

Where to Start

It is best to start with subjects that attract your interests. That way, it would be easy to study them for longer periods of time. Working on something that is not close to your heart may not be a good idea, as it may not have an impact on your life. Find subjects that are close or significant to you, as they will allow your imagination to flow better. You may also start with basic tools such as a camera with a flash and a computer with an Internet connection, so you can get the editing tools necessary.


Try taking photos in various lighting conditions and angles. There is no need to be perfect. In fact, the more you experiment, the more you will know about photography, pictures, lighting, movements, and editing. You will be able to see and feel how hard or easy it is to capture moving objects, curves, and other things that you see along the way. After experimenting with your camera, you can then take a look at the photos and analyze the actions you took.

Get a Good Guide

You can start watching tutorials to know how the dials on your camera work. You can then look back on your experimental photos and relate to the functions of the dials. You will be able to tell how you can improve the shots with those functions, so next time you use your camera, you can try them and see different results. You can also get books about photography to learn digital photo editing and get more ideas about depth, aperture, shutter speed, and other factors.

Learn Digital Photo Editing by Using Editing Software

Now that you have an idea of how your camera works, you can start taking more photos and enhance them. Photo editing can be done in many ways. There are lots of programs in the market today that allow people to alter their photos. You can start with basic tools that are easy to use so you can see the effects on your photos. Once you are comfortable with basic tools, you can try advanced versions of these programs for more precise effects.

Learn Digital Photo Editing by Attending Classes

There are schools that offer lessons about digital photo editing. Most of these institutions offer more professional approaches to their students. There may be different requirements, depending on the modules that they offer. Some schools offer digital photo editing together with digital editing and other animated graphics subjects.


In the US, the average cost of enrolling in a digital photo editing class is $3700. Prices may vary on where you are planning to attend classes and what subjects you would like to master. Some programs run as short as 4 weeks, while some may be as long as 12 weeks. The New York Film Academy has a Digital Editing School that offers courses to students who want to learn digital photo editing on a technical aspect, as well as those who want to enhance their storytelling skills via digital media.

Cost-Effective Software Packages

If you want to spend a little money to learn digital photo editing on a higher level, you can try software packages like Adobe Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. They both allow people to edit RAW photos with more options. They also offer a 30 day trial for both packages, so you can try before purchasing if you are unsure which one works best for you.

One-on-One Sessions

Nothing beats the experience of having someone teach you the basics and advance tricks of image editing. You can definitely learn digital photo editing faster if you have someone knowledgeable by your side. If you have a personal tutor or a friend who is willing to teach and help you learn digital photo editing, be sure to ask questions and try to engage yourself in as many activities as you can. This will help you grasp the basics faster. If you are not learning as fast as your other friends, don’t worry. Photography and image editing are forms of art that depend on how people adapt to them. To learn digital photo editing, all you need to do is to focus and try to experiment with the tools more often.

Constant Practice

Practice is important in learning any type of skill. If you want to learn digital photo editing and be good at it, you have to dedicate your time and effort until you learn it. You may not learn instantly, particularly if you are new to the tools and functions. Contrariwise, once you get used to the processes, you will be more acquainted with the things that you can do. The good thing about photo editing is that you can use your imagination all the time. You can create something new out of an old picture and make another version of it. You may have a picture that seems unattractive at first, but you can improve it to make it appealing.

These are some of the ways on how you can learn digital photo editing. You can also ask your friends for recommendations if they have attended similar courses in the past. Like other skills that you have to learn in the past, you have to try different ways in order to achieve what you want. By getting the right information, materials and knowledge, it would be easier for you to produce the outputs that you like.

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