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Image editing services comprise of several techniques. In fact, each of the techniques is based on and aimed at improving your image quality by removing certain inherent errors and issues. One of the most commonly faced issues in product images is the presence of shadows. The Drop Shadow is a technique that assists you in improving the look of an image by giving it a 3D appearance through the creation of shadow.

What is the Drop Shadow technique?

The Drop Shadow is a visual impact service or technique that comprises a drawing which is used to resemble the best image shading capability. The shadow effect will give an impression that the image has risen above the objects behind it. The drop shadow is utilised for an enhanced graphical client user interface. They can be a great option for providing a natural look to the images. It can be a great option for an enhanced degree of experience and looks.

The benefits offered by the drop Shadow techniques?

There are several benefits that you stand to gain with the drop shadow technique as part of your image editing. It can be a great way to soften the images in a better way.

It can provide you a great deal of reality to your image

The drop shadow technique can be a great option to help you give the much-needed professional look to your image. The shadow which is what we experience regularly in real life. when a shadow is used in an image, it shows the reality and makes the image appear believable.

It creates depth and texture in your images

The drop shadow effect can be a great option to help you provide depth and texture to your images. The shadow effect can provide you the much-needed distance, background, and color of the shadow. It can also go a long way in promoting the visibility of the credibility of the image.

Different types of Shadow effects

While Drop Shadow has been one of the primarily used techniques, there are different shadow options that you would find quite heartening and unique in many ways. You would find several categories of shadow techniques that would assist you in achieving high-end results –

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow is one of the excellent options and one of the most commonly used techniques. The technique is used for making the image appear more attractive. The technique can work great in the case of images that have a white background. Most eCommerce services tend to opt for the drop shadow technique.

Natural Shadow

The Natural Shadow is yet another technique that has proved to be quite effective in providing a natural look to your product images. As the name itself should be indicative, the technique has been known to improve the natural shadow as it would happen in the real world. It can be helpful in scenarios where getting a perfect light may be a little difficult.

Cast Shadow

The cast Shadow can be what covers the surroundings of your image. The shadow has been used in the product images that feature bags, toys, accessories, etc. The technique involves removing the background of the image and add it a white background so that cast shadows can be implemented. It can be a great choice for helping you in improving the capacity and transparency of the image.

Reflection Shadow

It is also known as floating shadow and can be a great option to provide an aesthetic appearance to your images. The shadow does give an impression as if the image is floating in its area. This technique can provide a mirror effect for your images. It can, however, be a costly process that may also consume a lot of time.

Why use a Shadow effect?

The shadow effects have been known to mean a lot in marketing. Given the fact that marketing is essentially an attempt at improving the look of your products and enhancing their acceptability among potential customers, the drop shadow techniques can definitely be a great asset. It can double up as a great choice in helping you get better sales in an online marketplace.

It can be a great way to grab your users’ attention. The shadow effect makes the image of the product stand apart from its surroundings which in itself should be a great choice. The real look along with aesthetics is what would provide it with one of the most unique experiences ever.

It can be a great asset in helping you increase the sales potential. The feel and look of the images can make the client feel as if he or she is having a look at the real product and thus it would be helpful in making the client take their buying decision right away.

Who would need a shadow-creating service?

In case you need your images beautified and enhanced, the best way that this can be achieved is through the proper image editing technique. The Drop Shadow is one of the best options that you would find quite extremely impressive.

The shadow creation can provide you with a great option in terms of a realistic look to your images. Almost every industry would find the drop shadow technique a great choice for advertising and product promotion. Some examples can be photographers, advertising agencies, brands, the communication industry, and many more. It is evident that you need not be limited by the ecommerce genre alone.

Which types of images would ideally need the Drop Shadow technique?

The drop shadow technique is invariably used in the case of several scenarios. However, a few of the representative cases where you would find it a good idea to go with Drop Shadow technique would include

    • A model or a human
    • Jewelry products.
    • Landscapes and buildings
    • Flowers and plants
    • Beauty and cosmetic products
    • Fashion accessories

These are just a few of the representative examples. You can also check out a host of other possible options wherein you would find the drop shadow technique to be one of the excellent choices in enhancing the image quality more effectively and efficiently.

Well, Drop Shadow technique has been regarded as one of the strongest options in an image editing technique. It can bee a great way to help you in making your images more appealing. Make sure that you have opted for one of the promising service providers to ensure a powerful capacity in handling your image editing at its best. We at ImageTitan do support all strata of services with an enhanced and powerful degree of image editing at its best.

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Shadow designing

Under this service, we endow the customers by providing a natural shadow to their images to make the pictures clear and defined. Our team of experts has got all the necessary training and tacts to provide perfection within the work. You might be a food sales partner needing food images, an e-commerce partner, etc. We will try our best to do our work with lots of effort so that all we can do is satisfy you.


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Masking services are somewhere identical to background editing services. When you want to crop a couple of images, edit images with fine lines like hair or want some other complex editing services, in that case, you can try our masking services as these can ensure to provide you the best shape of your photographs as if nothing is touched at all.

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Working with an image editing service provider can often involve frustration, misunderstandings, and delays. And you want to get back to more creative work in the studio. A few easy steps will set you up to get thousands of product images professionally edited every day!

  • What is the shadow effect?

    The drop shadow effect is created using two different photo editing techniques. This is one of the excellent options for creating a realistic look to your images. It is actually handled as part of the post production technique.

  • What is the use of the drop shadow technique?

    The drop shadow technique is used for simulating a 3D effect in a 2D image. This is achieved with the creation of a offset shadow behind an object. This makes you feel as if the image is hovering above the background on a 3D space.

  • Who requires drop shadow services?

    The drop shadow technique is preferred by those users who need their images to be enhanced and beautified. The drop shadow services provide you a realistic look. Even a modelling agency would require the drop shadow services.

  • Which images need drop shadow services?

    In essence, all the solid objects need the drop shadow services. The technique should ideally be a great option in the realm of eCommerce industry. The drop shadow technique can be practical in helping you capture the attention of your customers.

  • When to use the drop shadow technique?

    There are different situations that would need you to enhance the beauty of your images. In case you need to upload the image on an online service, the drop shadow may be needed in many circumstances.

  • What are the types of shadows used?

    Drop shadow is one of the most frequently used shadow techniques in image editing. This is primarily used in the case of Ecommerce products. Other types of shadow techniques can include natural shadow, cast away, reflection, or mirror effects.