Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Fuel your business with ghost mannequin service in India

Image Titan is providing photo editing services for the last 10 years to clients all around the world. The company offers professional services related to image background removal along with clipping path and image masking. We also provide drop shadow, vector conversion, ghost mannequins, photo retouching, and product photo editing services at a very budget-friendly rate. All these services are exclusively designed for weddings, landscape photos, jewelry real estate companies, along with e-commerce photography.

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Ghost mannequin services

Ghost mannequin, also famous by invisible mannequin photography, is the most common photography service that is used by many brands and retails to promote their sale. This kind of photography service offers a 3-D or hollow an effect on the product, including clothing, Jewellery, and other accessories. Ghost mannequin is primarily done for clothing like blazers, jackets, jeans or skirts to guide the consumer with its appropriate and standard sizing.

It also aids the process of guiding, where the buyer can imagine themselves wearing the garment. Many brands and retailers, globally, opt for this kind of shoot for their commodities to maintain and elaborate their style statement. Earlier, this kind of shoot was a tough business and included clever imaging or post-processing techniques to accomplish the target. But with the launch of ghost mannequin service, it has become easy to bring life to the clothes without any extra efforts.

Ghost mannequin shoot essentials

To accomplish the invisible mannequin shots for the products, our experts require a ghost mannequin or any other modular mannequin with removable chest and arms for getting a perfect shot. The next essential is the professional camera; proper studio LED lighting to ensure contrast, exposure, and shadows, the garment (or the product), and styling tool like pins, clips, tissue paper, and other such products to ensure proper clothes fitting.

How do we do it?

Our task starts with the selection of the right size of a mannequin for your clothes, as these ghost mannequins are available in almost all sizes and styles. After this selection, it is stacked up with the clothes in the logical order of shooting. This step is then followed by the removal of extra pieces and dressing up the ghost mannequin. Preparation starts with the sleeves, fixing the shoulders, ensuring the seams line up, with the removal of any visible stretching of the fabric — lastly, the final styling followed by the photography shoot.

  • Area of specialization in mannequin product photographyTo showcase the best capability of the product, Axis Web Art also offers edit product shot with a transparent or see-through mannequin. It can be a problematic photoshoot for transparent or translucent clothing, destroying the overall quality of the photography. Our company’s portfolio also covers the editing of apparels that are exhibited on wire mannequins that consumes a substantial amount of effort and time to edit each picture to result in a masterstroke!!Our company also offers the bog-standard mannequin, where our experts accomplish the task of merging two images, one showing the front side of the garment, whereas, another one is turned inside out for displaying the brand label. This kind of photography also attracts the buyer by offering a complete idea of the commodity. Our editing service also provides high-end capturing of the dress using three-dimensional floating methods, representing each outfit with its exact color and maximum details.
  • Value-added servicesAxis Web Art professionally assert the flair and texture of women wear with our expertise in mannequin photography techniques. Our company’s talent is compatible with all kinds of clothing and accessories including tops, jackets, trousers, etc. Each picture is carefully and professionally edited to result in high-end photography displaying the correct color of the dress with a high-quality image.

Example of Work

We as an Image Editing, constantly focus on delivering beautiful and enhanced images with the finest details.

Ghost Mannequin Services
Ghost Mannequin Services
clothing photography ghost mannequin Services
Ghost Mannequin Services
Ghost Mannequin services
Ghost Mannequin Services in India
ghost mannequin photo editing
ghost mannequin Image editing services
ghost mannequin photo editing services
example of Image editng services on T-Shirt

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Suppose that you want to opt for a special service from our company, we have kept amiable pocket prices for such services as well.

Extrapolating the above, you can contact us for any type of clipping path services without worrying about the complexity of the image. All we want is your satisfaction, so knock our doors with full throttle. You do not need to worry about the price and complexity, but only contact us about your job. After that, you can put all the responsibility on our shoulders. Contact us as soon as possible to get the best results.

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  • What are Ghost mannequin services?

    The photographers make use of a mannequin to shoot an image. Since the images with the mannequin cannot be used in Ecommerce sites, and the ghost mannequin services help you in removing the mannequin and give your images a natural look.

  • Is Ghost mannequin a great service for Ecommerce owners?

    The ghost mannequin services can be a great option for providing you access to the best useful services for those selling apparel, jewelry, handbags and a host of other services. In fact, you would bee able to showcasing an image without a dummy.

  • What do you need to go with if you want to opt for a better ghost mannequin?

    You can get best ghost mannequins if you area able to have the right lights, focus, and background. If you want to have a great ghost mannequin services, make sure to get in touch with the best service provider who knows the professional details of the task. We, at ImageTitan focus on the high end service quality for all your needs.

  • How much does ghost mannequin services cost you?

    The ghost mannequin services can cost you differently in a variety of ways. The actual cost of the ghost mannequin services can prove to be based on several factors. The cost can be dependent on a variety of factors that include complexity, number of photos, expected delivery timeline, vendor experience, and success rate.

  • What are the best uses for ghost mannequin services?

    Ghost mannequins can be a great option to help you get a realistic and consistent look for your images. They can add life and texture to your images. It would also get access to better option in terms of the costs involved in hiring the models.

  • What is Ghost mannequin used for?

    The ghost mannequin services are used for different purposes and requirements. Some of the benefits of using ghost mannequin services can include
    • Eliminate the mannequins
    • Create the images that are unique and attractive
    • For producing 2D and 3D contour.
    • Removing dirt and dust from the images.