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Image Titan is providing photo editing service since last 10 years to the clients all around the world. The company offers professional services related to image background removal along with clipping path and image masking. We also provides drop shadow, vector conversion, ghost mannequin, photo retouching, and product photo editing services at a very budget-friendly rate. All these services are exclusively designed for weddings, landscape photos, jewellery real estate companies, along with e-commerce photography.

How do we work?

The photo editing business starts with the account creation process of the user to ensure the privacy of the client. After the account creation process, the user will have to log in and upload the pictures from a smart device or any other internet-accessible device. After the successful uploading of the images, the user will have to confirm the order by paying the required amount. Once after the confirmation, the uploaded pics are then edited by our team of professionals and experts and forwarded to the printing department. The printing department then prints the pictures with full quality assurance. Then, the prints are delivered to the assigned address provided by the user.

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Ghost mannequin service

Ghost mannequin, also famous by invisible mannequin photography, is the most common photography service that is used by many brands and retails to promote their sale. This kind of photography service offers a 3-D or hollow an effect on the product, including clothing, Jewellery, and other accessories. Ghost mannequin is primarily done for clothing like blazers, jackets, jeans or skirts to guide the consumer with its appropriate and standard sizing.

It also aids the process of guiding, where the buyer can imagine themselves wearing the garment. Many brands and retailers, globally, opt for this kind of shoot for their commodities to maintain and elaborate their style statement. Earlier, this kind of shoot was a tough business and included clever imaging or post-processing techniques to accomplish the target. But with the launch of ghost mannequin service, it has become easy to bring life to the clothes without any extra efforts.

Ghost mannequin shoot essentials

To accomplish the invisible mannequin shots for the products, our experts require ghost mannequin or any other modular mannequin with removable chest and arms for getting a perfect shot. Next essential is the professional camera; proper studio LED lighting to ensure contrast, exposure and shadows, the garment (or the product) and styling tool like pins, clips, tissue paper, and other such products to ensure proper clothes fitting.

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How do we do it?

Our task starts with the selection of the right size of a mannequin for your clothes, as these ghost mannequins are available in almost all sizes and styles. After this selection, it is stacked up with the clothes in the logical order of shooting. This step is then followed by the removal of extra pieces and dressing up the ghost mannequin. Preparation starts with the sleeves, fixing the shoulders, ensuring the seams line up, with the removal of any visible stretching of the fabric — lastly, the final styling followed by the photography shoot.

Area of specialization in mannequin product photography

To showcase the best capability of the product, Axis Web Art also offers edit product shot with a transparent or see-through mannequin. It can be a problematic photoshoot for transparent or translucent clothing, destroying the overall quality of the photography. Our company’s portfolio also covers the editing of apparels that are exhibited on wire mannequins that consumes a substantial amount of effort and time to edit each picture to result in a masterstroke!!

Our company also offers the bog-standard mannequin, where our experts accomplish the task of merging two images, one showing the front side of the garment, whereas, another one is turned inside out for displaying the brand label. This kind of photography also attracts the buyer by offering a complete idea of the commodity. Our editing service also provides high end capturing of the dress using three-dimensional floating methods, representing each outfit with its exact colour and maximum details.

Value-added services

Axis Web Art professionally assert the flair and texture of women wear with our expertise mannequin photography techniques. Our company’s talent is compatible with all kinds of clothing and accessories including tops, jackets, trousers, etc. Each picture is carefully and professionally edited to result in high-end photography displaying the correct colour of the dress with a high-quality image.

Why choose us?

The complete ghost mannequin process that our company follows ensures the delivery of high volume result at a very reasonable rate. Our professionals also maintain the high quality of the masterwork and add meaning to the product that will be visible on the website for the commercial purpose. This fashion photography also offers a consistent look in displaying the composition and style of the commodity. So, if you have a fashionable e-commerce photography requirement, then contact our company for the first-class quality photography that fits your pocket!!

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